Shipping is our traditional business, but additionally

Our “In-House” logistic services aims to support our own trading activities cost effectively and safely. We can also

offer a full range of ship broking, chartering and freight forwarding services to other traders and organizations requiring dry bulk shipping services worldwide. Managing a supply chain is complex, and every business is unique. The in-house logistics team, act as powerful arm to our trade division, we design a solution tailored to every business needs. Through our international network, we provide single solution source for the supply chain management. We offer & provide end-to-end supply chain solutions across the globe with full service, designed & optimized.

Over the years, Baypoint has developed expertise in ship broking for dry bulk, break bulk, and liners. The company charters a variety of vessels of varied sizes such as conventional, liners, bulkers.

By Culture, Baypoint promotes equal opportunity and investment in staff training, to ensure that business standards and systems integrate with customers’ expectations to provide a seamless service designed to meet their requirements.