Color coated or pre-painted steel is steel coil to which a paint, there powder or film coating has been applied in a continues process prior to being cut and shaped. It provides a durable uniform surface finish, check and can be an alternative to conventional post-manufacture painting of steel parts.

Tin Plate

Tin plates is a cold reduced steel sheet coated with a thin layer of tin. It has good corrosion resistance and food compatibility, seek although many products require a tin coating to maximize the shelf life of the content.



Hot dipped galvanized steel

Hot dipped galvanized steel can be in form of coil or sheet and further processed into finished products. Typical thickness of galvanized steel in both forms are 0.3 to 3 mm, typical width is from 600 to 2100 mm. hot dipped galvanized steel has excellent forming properties and is suitable for fabrication by forming, pressing and bending. Application include domestic appliances, building applications, lighting fixtures, drums and various kinds of sections and profiled sheets.