Raw Material

Direct Reduced Iron (DRI)

Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) is a metallic material reduced from direct reduction-oxidation of iron ore using a reducing gas (a chemical transformation process that removes Oxygen and Carbon without reaching the melting point of iron). It usually contains between 90 and 94% total iron and low amounts of residuals. It is used in the production of steel, cialis primarily in electric arc furnace mini-mills to increase their efficiency, sovaldi sale among other advantages, sovaldi sale by diluting the impurities contained in the scrap metal used in this process.

Iron Ore

Iron ore comes in the form of rocks and minerals from which Iron (Fe) can be economically recovered. It is the primary raw material in the production of pig iron and subsequently steel. Raw iron ore can be transformed into “pellets” in a process that combines agglomeration and thermal treatment. The objective is to give the ore specific sizing and hardness properties that will be maintained during its transportation and use as feed in a blast furnace or Direct Reduction plant.